Admissions Policy

This Admissions Policy applies to all performances presented by The Centralian Players (“the Company”). By entering or attempting to enter one of the venues where the Company are presenting, you have accepted the terms contained in this Admissions Policy.

  1. Entry and Security

1.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse admission in reasonable circumstances including for health, safety and licensing reasons, or where a ticket is void.

1.2 Customers are not permitted to bring any items into the theatre which are illegal or are deemed by The Company management (at their sole discretion) to pose a health and safety risk, affect the enjoyment of others, cause disruption to the performance or cause damage to the Company’s property.

1.3 Customers may not bring their own food or drink into the theatre, but empty reusable water bottles will be permitted. If a customer has specific medical requirements in this respect they should ask to speak to a member of The Company management upon arrival.

1.4 Customers should avoid bringing large suitcases or bags to the theatre as these may not be admitted and cloakroom facilities are not available.

1.5 Latecomers will only be admitted into the auditorium at a suitable break in the performance, but admission cannot always be guaranteed and refunds or exchanges for an alternative performance will not be given.

1.6 Customers may only leave and re-enter the theatre at the discretion of The Company management, otherwise there will be no re-admissions of any kind.

  1. Age Restrictions

2.1 Babies and children under 8 years of age will not be admitted into the auditorium unless the production is specifically advertised as being suitable for children under the age of 8 or the performance is a designated Relaxed Performance*.

2.2 Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the suitability of a performance for any children in their party regardless of any official age recommendation guidance.

2.3 In the interests of other customers, parents or guardians may be asked to take noisy or disruptive children out of the auditorium.

  1. Conduct

3.1 Any customers who are intoxicated or are disruptive, abusive or violent towards staff, audience members or performers will be ejected from the venue. In such circumstances no refunds will be given.

3.2 Customers must comply with reasonable instructions and directions given by The Company management and front of house staff.

3.3 Mobile phones, tablets, digital or smart watches, laser pens and any other electronic equipment should be disabled when inside the auditorium to avoid disturbing the performers and other customers.

3.4 The unauthorised use of video, photographic and other recording equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited in the venue. The Company reserves the right to delete any unauthorised recordings and to eject any customers who are suspected of making recordings of the performance.

  1. General

4.1 The Company does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property or for any liability (to the fullest extent permitted by law).

4.2 Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the theatre.

4.3 Any comments or complaints regarding the view from a seat or the audibility of the performance should be made promptly to a member of The Company management before or during the performance.

4.4 Performances may be filmed or recorded on occasion. Ticket holders automatically consent to the filming or sound recording of themselves as audience members. If you have any objections to being filmed or recorded please speak to a member of The Company management before the performance begins.

4.5 Animals are not permitted inside the theatre, with the exception of assistance dogs.

4.6 The Company will make all reasonable efforts to forewarn customers if stroboscopic lighting may be used in the performance. Customers with known medical conditions who may be susceptible to such lighting effects are advised to seek further advice prior to their visit.

4.7 The Company reserves the right to vary the terms of this Admissions Policy for specific productions or events. Any such variations will be notified to customers prior to or on arrival at the theatre.

Comments are always welcomed from our customers to help improve our service. Please either speak to a member of staff during your visit or write to us:


*A Relaxed Performance is a specially adapted show, modified for adults and children who might benefit from a more relaxed environment.