Image of programmes on a painted wooden surface

Would You Like To Buy A Programme?

Attend any theatrical performance and you will see programmes for sale. Some are quite beautifully presented and incredibly informative; the majority, however, contain a high proportion of advertisements. Admittedly, presenting a show can be expensive, so programme sales provide an extra revenue stream to cover costs. From personal experience, when a programme is mostly adverts and costs as much as £10, it is easy to see why people resent the extra cost.

Not fans of ad-filled programmes ourselves, we have kept our own completely ad-free (barring a single production in 2019). For just £2, you have up to 16 information-packed pages covering all aspects of the production. However, we get a sense that programmes are slowly falling out of favour. Could this be because of bad experiences? Or are they becoming redundant in the digital age?

To help us understand programme preferences, we have put together a short survey, which you can access below. It is completely anonymous and should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. The data we gather from this will guide how we approach programmes, starting with our October 2022 production.  This does not affect our April 2022 production.

We value your input and thank you for your contribution!